Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

The popularity of civilian space travel has been increasing immensely in our world throughout the years. Technological advances have enabled us to explore space and learn more about our solar system. However, space travel should be left for the astronauts and scientists who have many years of their life researching the vast, undiscovered place known as space. Costly travels and taking away opportunities of astronauts, as well as dangers of inexperienced civilians, and long periods of training contribute to the idea that civilian space travel is not only unnecessary, but but dangerous and wasteful. In this essay, I will discuss why civilians should not have the eligibility to travel in space.

To begin with, sending anybody into space, whether they are astronauts or civilians, is very costly. Astronauts that have spent many years of their lives studying and training for space travel and benefit many when they explore space and conduct research for others to learn. The experience and fulfillment of dreams of hardworking astronauts venturing to space is taken away from these astronauts . This occurs when inexperienced civilians journey into space for pure entertainment. The money spent to take a few civilians into space could be used to send educated astronauts. Astronauts can bring back valuable research, which can inform others about space. When civilians travel into space, no research is conducted and few people benefit.

Training people to travel into space takes long periods of time, and many astronauts spend much of their lives preparing. Many civilians underestimate what they are getting into when they decide to travel to space. It can take many years to train, and the civilians only venture to space a single time. While astronauts are experienced and able to stay calm during emergencies, civilians, being in a mysterious new place, may be overwhelmed and panic.

On the other hand, civilians can learn about space technology, the planets, stars, and numerous astronomical features of space. Space travel is a once in a lifetime experience for civilians and they can learn about astronauts' lifestyles, however this is not enough to support the idea of space travel for civilians.

Although there are a few pros to civilian space travel, it is clear, based on previous explanations in this paper, that space travel should be left to the professionals.

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