Cognitive Driving

is it really safe?

texting and driving is like vinegar and water, they don't mix. cognitive driving is distracted driving; this can lead to many injuries, deaths, and damage to you, your passengers, or your surroundings.

there is a recorder in your phone to show the caller ID of the person that was trying to contact you, don't risk your life and others lives just for one stupid phone call or text. there's many ways to avoid picking up your phone while driving. you can pull over if you feel like you really need to take the phone call, other than that, it can wait. if you're traveling 50 miles per hour, and look down to reply to a text for about 4-5 seconds, you've already traveled the distance of a football field blind and un-concentrated. this is enough time to drive off the road and getting serious injuries or maybe even death.

handsfree technology isn't all safe for drivers. it still provies a mental distraction, even without using your hands. having a Bluetooth phone call leaves you focusing on the conversation more than the front view of your vehicle. youre taking part of your concentration and placing it on the conversation. handsfree technology has your mind trying to multitask by trying to focus on what youre going to say and driving safely on the road youre in. studies show that only .2% of the worlds population can multitask, but only because it is inhabited by their ancestors as it was needed to survive back then. so if you think you can multitask, you most likely cannot. you shouldn't risk yours or anyone else's lives because of your boredom. put your phone in the glove compartment to keep away the temptation. or simply turn it off after entering your vehicle.

cognitive driving is the #1 leading cause of death in America we can all change this by simply putting cell phones and any other distractions to the side and be cautious of the road and your actions. many people think that they're good enough of drivers to go ahead and text while driving; well, unfortunately, you're not. even if you were the best driver in the world, you would still need to have all focus in your driving and not anywhere else. making a difference in the world starts with you and I. start now by just clicking the off button on your phone until you're arrived at a destination or you need it for emergencies. drive safe!

it can wait.

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