Travel Scrapbook #1

Journal Entry

Since I have arrived here, in Japan, so many exciting things have happened! Like on my first day, I experienced a typhoon; it was terrifying, but luckily a nice family took me into their home and taught me about some of their culture and the climate of Japan. Apparently these storms are regular for these people! Who knew? Also I have learned that Japan has a very vast landscape, depending on the part of Japan you are in. They have everything from mountains and volcanoes to oceans and beaches. They have told me that the climate varies as much as its geography, like it can go from dry and sunny to rainy, cold and breezy. Another thing I found really interesting about Japan is that the size of the island compared to how many people live there. There is a ton of people for how small this island is! When I was talking to my friend, she told me that through the island is crowded, there is many different opportunities for them, like fishing and rice farming. Since its location is a island, the space and jobs are limited, like they mainly only do rice farming and fishing but because these are so big for Japan, it's okay. I guess this is it for now I will continue in the near future.

-Katrina (May 2/1600)