Burkina Faso

By Carrie W.

I am going to tell you most of the facts of Burkina Faso,
I know you will like it.

This is a pagne which is a wraparound skirt that women in Burkina Faso.

These are spiced lamb balls and they are the most delicios food in the whole state.

The clothing: men where boubou which is a robe.Women where a wraparound skirt called pagne.Last but not least children where the same thing as their parents except they need to where it in a smaller size.

The food:Is Bean cakes,goat eyes and spice rice.The bean cakes need only beans and you smash them up and cook them.The goat eyes are supposed to be made out of their eyes and some surger and then you cook them.

The holidays:On October-November they have a holiday that involves wrestling and traditional dances .Also their traditional foods and treats.

The item I chose was a cell phone and a computer.

Their beliefs are that they inspired warm and kind people.

Advice about the country background:The flag was adopted on the forth of august in 1884.

Advice about the customs and courtesies: Young children needs to do anything that their family or anybody else tells them to.

Advice about the life style: Only about 15% to 25% of people of Burkina Faso speek french.

Advice about the society:The society is no drugs or anything that will harm somebody.

Advice about the education: A few girl get educations and most of the boys get education.Some boys have to work on the farm,and the cattle.

The famous person in Burkina Faso was the president Thomas Sankara.

You will like what we wear and how we speak.

You might dislike the way girls don't get education.

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