Sentry : I'm so tired ,king I 'm Afraid what I want to tell you but I felt like don't tell for him . And all a time my mind say I'm in trouble.but if somebody tell to creon first ,it is worse that for me so I have to tell it any how.

Creon : Don't waste my time what do you want ?

Sentry : It's not me I didn't see who did don't punish me for what I have done.

Creon : I'm not understanding be more clear .

Sentry : This the bad think I don't know how to say it.

Creon : Tell me !

Sentry : The dead man polyneices without covering someone has given it burial that is way and gone.

Creon : Who can do this can dared to do this ?

Sentry : You have to believe me !the ground was dry no walking of any one .when they relieved us this morning and one of them the physical pointed to it .look the body not buried really,but as if they covered it .And no sign of wild animal had been there.Every man who did it or not they don't have to charge it.but Trust me it was not me,when I told to them for nothing every man don't like me because of no one like the person brings bad news .

Choragos : I have been amazing king gods done this?

Creon : STOP ! How can you think that the gods are behind his ! Someone who look their temples ,burn their images and even the whole state ,I think my own guards have been bribed to do this thing you know money is something demoralizing in this world.And last thing if you bring me this man your death will be least of your problems.bring him to me!

Sentry : King may I speak?

Creon : Your voice is disturber me.

Sentry : Are you sure only my voice ,And not your feeling?

Creon : OMG! Are you try to confusing me!

Sentry : I think it's only not what I'm bring to you bad things that upset you.

Creon : You talk too much I don't listen to you anymore I done .

Sentry : May be;but it's not my fault.

Creon : You sold your life.

Sentry : How extremely bad when the right judge wrong!

Creon : Just bring me the man,I will give you something instead.

Sentry : I have to bring him the man! Unless I'm die so I should bring him the man!

By Demitu & Rahmo