Reflection...Intro to Teaching

I love this quote!

I learned a lot from this class (Intro to Teaching). I learned that teaching is definitely what I was made to do. I learned my possible teaching style as well as my learning style and while some things I did in this class and others doesn't necessarily reflect what kind of teacher I will be. Several I think that are important to me are:  getting to know my students, really know them...their likes, dislikes, what makes them tick, what motivates them and how they learn. Be patient, always smile, listen and always be open to learning. I feel that not only are we teaching the kids to learn but as a teacher we must be open to learning as well, always and they (the students) are teaching us at the same time. I hope to be an inspiration to all my future students.

This class was somewhat enjoyable to me. Two of my favorite things: presenting the lesson, the Math Bingo project. While there were a few frustrations along the way and a couple little glitches the day way, it was nothing big and I enjoyed it. Second, the observations. This was my most FAVORITE of this class. I really enjoyed observing the elementary, middle and high school and learned that while I still sort of have my heart set on teaching kindergarten, first & 5th or 6th grade are definitely options. I had to present a lesson and I chose the 6th grade and the teacher and students were just awesome!

What else can I say, I enjoyed the class but glad it's over. I look forward to being in my own classroom sometime soon!

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