Omaha Zoo Trip Team 7.3
May 1st 2014

By: preston seten

COOL animals at the zoo!!

The seahorse has a pouch that can hold its young until they are mature.

seahorse Adaptations                                                          fish adaptations

1) Skin is like the coarl                                      1) have a back bone

2) small mouth to eat small animals                    2) have fins to swim fast

3) Has a pouch to mature its baby's                   3) hase a dorsal fin

4) eyes are on its side to see better                   4) have a eye covering to see under water

5) have gills so they can breath under water       5) have a swim bladder

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hippocampus                     COMMON NAME: Seahorse

                                                        Biome: Salt water                                                     Habitat/range:All seahorses are marine species, generally living among seagrass beds

the tree frog has specially addapted feet to stick and climb on trees.

tree frog adaptations                                                          amphibian adaptations

1) Has big eyes.                                                                  1) has a three chambered heart.

2) Skin is brightly colored like it's habitat.                2) has lungs.

3) can climb up trees.                                                      3)  tongue is attached to the front.

4) strong hinge legs.                                                        4) bottom of the belly is light for camo.

5) is able to go under water and land.                         5) can breath through it's skin.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hyla cinerea           COMMON NAME: american green tree frog

Habitat/range:live tropical zones of North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Biome: Certain types of forests, but mainly in fresh water ponds and lakes and rivers

NATIVE SPECIES: american green tree forg

the komodo dragon has skin that can hold in moisture

komodo dragon's adaptations                                                      reptile adaptations   

1) has skin that holds in moisture                                        1) are cold blooded

2) eyes located on the side of the head                               2) dry scaly skin

3) a body that absorbs energy from the sun                      3) color= camo

4) can go around about 10 ft c                                              4) a tail for a weapon or balance     5) there predictors                                                                   5) hibernate during the winter  

Biome: open , savanna, and tropical forest at low elevations.

Habitat: Indonesian Islands

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Varanus komodoensis            COMMON NAME: komodo dragon

the Blue macaw has a beak that is adapted to its diet

Blue macaw adaptations                                                           bird adaptations

1) its feathers are bright like its habitat                          1) can fly

2) beak is adapted to its diet                                             2) Great eye site

3) has strong claws to grab prey                                       3) have two lungs

4) use there tail to stay balanced in trees                       4) have a back bone

5) have a slow wing beet so there not seen                     5) has a syrinx

SCIENTIFIC NAME: ara ararauna                                  COMMON NAME: Blue macaw

Biome: rain forest                                                                 Habitat/range: southern mexico

The amur leopord has a four chambered heart so it an breath better.

amur leopord adaptations                                                     mammal adaptations

1) is very fast                                                                           1) has a four chambered heart

2) has a powerful jaw                                                           2) has a back bone

3) has two lungs                                                                     3) has good ears

4) has fur                                                                                 4) very intelligent

5) endothermic                                                                       5)have a Diaphram

SCIENTIFIC NAME:Panthera pardus orientalis       COMMON NAME: amur loepord        Habitat/range: northeastern china                                  Biome: cold parts of antartica

Endangered Animal: amur leopord

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