Presidential Research Project

Now that I am inspired and addicted to Tackk, my first published Tackk will be using Powtoon to create presentations for my 3rd grade presidential project.   

Where to Start????

This template can be used for any biography project.  I started with Genia Connell's blog on Scholastic.  She has a great notes template that I adapted for this project.    The Students will research their president using this template.  It can be shared as an assignment through Google Classroom or printed to make them work the "old fashioned way."  For our first few research projects I like having them write their notes out--it prevents the dreaded "P-word" and death by Copy and Paste.

Now for the fun part!!!

If you haven't used Powtoon yet--you are definitely missing out.  Great way to get your kids to think outside of the box.   I had so much fun putting the Powtoon together from my notes.  It was easy to work with and I was able to upload pictures of my own or use the Flicker photos already loaded.  The training videos are simple and helpful.    

Our Research

We began with a basic internet search and Youtube video search of the presidents to build background knowledge--a search for "mini bio" presidents name took us to the videos on each of our presidents. That is when I realized we need a refresher lesson on reliable sources---guess that will be my next Tackk!!  After they watched the background videos I set them free to search on their own.  It was amazing to see them help each other and get so involved!  

"Wow! Mrs. Meier--I thought this guy would be boring.  He's actually pretty cool!"--K.T.

"Are you sure that is a reliable source?"--M.B.

"This guy really had a rough life for a president."