My Summer

By Zachary Laurie

The big highlight of my summer was going to Cooperstown dreams park. It is the   biggest baseball tournament in the USA for the youth baseball. It is a week of only baseball. It has 22 ball fields, 22 batting cages, and there were 104 teams there. we won 2 games out of 7. There was 2  Canadian teams there  us and  Bampton. I pitched three games and i hit a grand slam and a home run that week. That was the best week of my life.  

In Cooperstown we got tickets to the baseball hall of fame. It was like you were walking threw a time machine. All of the the paintings looked like they were 3D. All sculptures looked real. It was amazing!! The history they had was unbelievable. I wood go back in a heart beat.   

I spent a lot of time on kijiji just looking for cars. Me and my grandpa could be on kijiji for hours just looking for cars. Me and my grandpa have always had a connection  but when we look for cars or talk about them that's when we really connect.

This summer I want to wonderland with my sisters and my aunt Brette. It was great we went on almost all the rides we had a blast. But then we got to the end of the day. I knew what that meant The Leviathan. A  roller coaster that goes 306 feet in the air with the top speed of 148 km/hour. At first i was scared but when we got to the top it was all fun and games from then on.


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