John D. Rockefeller

By: Simon Grimes

John D. Rockefeller made a big his fortune in the oil industry. John D. Rockefeller incorporated vertical integration, horizontal integration as well as special deals with other companies to snake his was up the oil ladder and become the best main oil company.

Vertical Integration-act of owning all business involved in ones own business. John D. Rockefeller bought his own barrel factories, oil fields, oil storage facilities, pipelines and railroad cars. This allowed him to save money by not having to buy these products from other companies.

Horizontal Integration-act of taking over competing companies. John D. Rockefeller bought out as many competing business as he could. By 1879 his company refined 90% of all U.S. oil.

John D. Rockefeller also made special deals with railroad and shipping companies. With these deals he could get the lowest price for transporting his oil across America. This also allowed John D. Rockefeller to sell his oil for far less than his competitors.

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