Mari Holben

I love hanging with friends and running X-Country. My favorite food is Little Caesars pizza.  I love the color pink!

3 Things About Myself

I Have 5 Dogs


I have three Bullmastiffs and two Whippets. The Bullmastiffs are all girls and their names are Stella, Ruah, and Tendai. I also have two Whippets, which are Annie and Ava. Ava is my personal dog, which I got her as a surprise birthday when I was eleven.


I Can Juggle

Juggling Balls

I learned how to juggle from youtube, because one day when I was bored I decided to look up how to juggle.  I watched the video multiple times and  after about one day I had learned how to juggle.  I love juggling because it is fun to do when you're bored and all you need is three small balls.

I Love To Run

I started to run X-Country at the beginning of eighth grade and after that first race I knew I loved it.  Running isn't for everyone it's on for certain people who have the will power and determination.  I love running for enjoyment and competitively.

My Goals

One of my goals is to get a scholarship into a good collage. I want to accomplish this goal by being a honors student throughout high school.  Another of my goals is to become a lawyer, and then hopefully sometime after become a district magistrate judge.  I plan on doing this by working very hard in school and, like my other goal get a scholarship into a good collage.  My goal for my freshman year is to be able to go to states in X-Country. We have to run a 5K for every race and my best time is 22:34 minutes.  To qualify or stay with the best competition you have to be running 21 minutes or under.  So this year I am going to train very hard so I can be the first person in a while to go to states for X-Country.

I Would Like to Visit

Canadian Side of Niagra Falls

I would LOVE to visit the Canadian side of Niagra Falls.  I have been to see the American side and it is just so amazing.  I love going to see the falls and hope for the day when I can go to Canada to see them.

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