Tribe of religious person

Tribe of book reader

Tribe of aunt

Tribe of cooking

Tribe of HMONG ❤️❤️❤️

Tribe of singing

Tribe of daughter

Tribe of student

Tribe of niece

Tribe of teenage girl 👏

Tribe of bubble tea lover

Tribe of a girl who really miss her brother. I miss you very much my brother, I know you still here with us. 💖😌💕💘❤️❤️

Tribe of candy eater

Tribe of girl with high dreams😊

Tribe of being myself 👌❤️

Tribe of Hmong:

I'm Hmong and glad to be Hmong. ❤️ I alway remember what my parents taught me, my culture, language, and what is represent and me to the Hmong community. Hmong have a long history from the beginning to now~ since now day Hmong boys and girls are letting go of the language and culture by not participating in the Hmong events. And it sad to see, your own people's acting and believing in a different then they were taught to.  However I still Hmong and will taught the same way I been taught from my parents. ❤️

Tribe of a teenage girl:

I'm a teenage girl and I know what rights I have, however my Hmong culture will alway come first and I wouldn't never do anything against my belief. 👏 I'm taught both way : American and Hmong however both are equally important, for Hmong is what I am and will alway be. 😊❤️