Eugene Bullard

by : Jacolby Roddey

World's First Black Fighter Pilot was written by Larry Greenly and the genre is a biography

Larry Greenly

Larry has only written one book and it is the one I'm doing now. He wanted to to write this book to shine light on Mr. Bullard. Mr. Greenly has a phd and degrees in science and math.


Eugene travels the world in this book at a young age and he also went through Russia and Egypt.


Eugene Bullard is the main character in my book. Eugene was born October 9,1895 in Columbia Georgia. Eugene is a adventuras  person and sticks to his dreams and is very opportunistic. Eugene is always up beat and nice, he also fights for what he believes in.


There are any conflicts in the book from the great depression to the Great War also known as WWI. The main conflict in this story is about the struggle for equality in all people no matter there skin color. Eugene was black and he also lived in the south. Back then in the south blacks got treated very badly. The racism doesn't affect Eugene he is stronger than the racism and overcomes it in the book.


Exposition- Eugene Bullard a little boy born in southern Georgia. As a youngen he struggled with racism and persecution being black. Eugene had 9 brothers and sisters. Eugene ran away to paris and thats when the journey begins.

Rising action - Eugene travels around the world trying to get to paris and meets some new friends along the way

Climax- Eugene is in the war and will see the horror of it.

Falling Action - Eugene settles down and has children

resolution - Eugene died from cancer

Mood of the book

This book was sad, disgusting, happy, adventurers and secretive. It i also fun.


The theme of this book is never give up and never let anybody put you down. If you read this book you will see these themes in the book.

Why did I like the book

It was interesting and had some suspense. I was really attracted to it because first it was the first black man to fly and I've never heard anything about him.


When Mr. Bullard died he said the words " I am not afraid of death I am afraid of leaving you." This was pretty sad cause he said it to his kids and they tried to go get the doctor but it was too late.

Who should go out and get this book

Anybody looking for a biography that is well written and tells a great story about a mans life fulled with action and excitement. Well this is the book for you. Great battles and a tale of a man that overcame his struggles and being the first black man to fly.


his daughter and airplane he flew in the war.

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