Mrs. Allen's Class Project


Melody Brooks wishes she was a normal kid. She has cerebral palsy so she can't do things that other kids can do. She can't walk, talk, or even go to the bathroom by herself. The thing is, she is smarter then anyone in her school, probably even some teachers. She has a photographic memory, but she can't show it. She is 11 years old and she hasn't spoken one word. Words have always swirled around her like snowflakes,each one is delicate and different.

In the later part of the book Melody gets a medi- talker that is a machine that helps her talk. Melody gets a 100 on the test to enter the quiz team. She helps win the competition so they all got to go to Washington, but Melody gets left and it makes her very sad. Melody confronts the team that left her and notices her team isn't all they seem to be. She learns that you need to choose friends carefully.


Out of My Mind made our class feel all different emotions. This story made our class feel happy, sad, and mad. The story made our class embrace our emotions. Even made us realize that sometimes it is worse for others.Out of My Mind makes our class realize that our problems aren't as bad as others are. It mainly made our class consider others feelings. Also, that we need to accept others for who they are. This changed our perspective completely. We can finally think of others, and not just ourselves.


We believe that the theme of Out Of My Mind is "Don't judge a book by it's cover". Because Melody can't talk, walk, or even feed herself, people think she is dumb, but she is really smart. The doctor said that Melody would never go to school and now she is in the 5th grade and on the quiz team. Toward the end of the book no one thought she should be on the quiz team but she got a perfect score on tryouts. The characters in the book learned that just because a person has a disability, doesn't mean they aren't smart and can't be a good friend.


Melody is very brave and strong. Melody's differences don't change her actions. If Melody is in a situation where someone is being mean to her she always has a come back, or at least in her head. She always makes sure others words or actions don't bring her down . Melody is different in many different ways,but still is always special in her own way.. Melody always over comes obstacles and never gives up.She always come out of the fire with a smile on her face.

Words! Words! Words!

Words were important to Melody, especially after she recieved here medi-talker. We created a collage of words that we feel were important to Melody and to the story over all.

Cause and effect in Out of My Mind

One skill we have been working on is Cause and Effect. There are lots of Cause and Effects in the story. Here are some examples, Melody got the Medi-Talker, so she can finally talk. The Whiz Kidz team won the regional, so they are going to Washington D.C. The flight got canceled of weather, so Melody couldn't go to Washington D.C. They left Melody at the airport, so she was sad, frustrated, and mad at the same time. Penny got out by herself, and the mom was backing up her car, then hit Penny. Those where some of the Cause and Effects in the Out Of My Mind story.


There's three types of cerebral palsy they are spastic, atheiod, and ataxic. Cerebral has to do with the brain and palsy has to do with the spine.We think that Melody has spastic cerebral palsy because she has seizures and she flails her arms when she gets mad or excited. Babies have a chance of getting cerebral palsy if there are injuries to the brain during pregnancy. 4 out of 1,000 babies have cerebral palsy. It is not contagious! Stephen Hawking, Nicholas Hamilton, Miss Iowa and Rick Hoyt are all famous people with cerebral palsy. The doctors that give medications to people with cerebral palsy are called neurologists.

We all have a disability. What's yours?

In our class we are far from perfect, we all have disabilities or difficulties in our lives. Some of our disabilities are difficulty in math, reading, making new friends, trouble at home, being organized, cooking, sports and sometimes just fitting in.