Ian Dell

Online Safety

5 Tips

Safety Tip Number 1

If you keep your passwords to yourself, you have a less chance to get hacked or something happening to your account. (Only give passwords to your parents.)

Always keep your passwords to yourself.

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Safety Tip Number 2

Never Meet Strangers Face-To-Face!

If you agree to meet someone you don't know, (in real life, not the internet) you can get kidnapped or something else can happen to you.

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Safety Tip Number 3

When You Are Gaming Never Give Out Personal Info

If you give out personal info there is a chance someone can find you.

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Safety Tip Number 4

Delete Messages From People You Don't Know

If you open a message from someone you don't know, it could implant viruses on your device or it can give out your personal info.

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Safety Tip Number 5

Always Make Sure Your Account Is On Private

If your account isn't on private, people can look at your account and look at personal stuff.

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