French newsletter le 15 avril
La Table française--demain!
le jeudi 16 avril 17h30-18h30, Duke 307

Taken by J. Starmer

Car vocabulary in French (you may not even know some of these terms in your native language)!

Test your knowledge of Québécois French:

Prepositions are always difficult to know in another language. Here is a good list of verbs with "up" and their French equivalent:

The replica of the Chauvet cave is about to open!

Review of present-tense verbs:

The Good Life France magazine has its March/April issue online for free!

Do you have a favorite French word?  pamplemousse? semblable? comptabilité? chimie? Watch this video to see if yours is a favorite of other French speakers:

Check out the interesting sculptures by Xavier Veilhan:

Field trip! (une excursion...) Take a virtual field trip to see some magical landscapes of France:

Expressio offers explanations of French expressions, such as this one: