York Pogrom 1190

Clifford's Tower(today) at York,England.

What is a pogrom?

Basically an anti Jewish massacres.

The Beginning of the event

•Someone set the town of York on fire.

• The York residents target the Jews

•Friends and families were killed and some of the Jewish leaders of York.

•The Jews quickly head to Clifford's Tower for safety.


•The warden offer the Jews to come back to the town.

•The Jews denied because they are afraid of them betraying them.

• The warden called the sheriff and he gathered a militia and the townspeople head toward the tower.

• The mob surrounded the tower and the people inside were trapped for days.

• Days come by and someone set the tower on fire.

• The Jews either had to get out of the tower and hopefully escape or get killed ,or die in the fire.

•An estimate of 150 Jews died that day.

The downfall of March 16,1190

•The Jewish survivors pleaded to convert to Christianity so they can live.

•They end up tricking the Jews and killing them instead of baptizing them.

• A ringleader and his accompanies went to cathedral and burned documents.

This pogrom was sadly only one of incidents of mob violence against Jewish communities across England and Western Europe in the Middle Ages.




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