Techie Tidbit Tuesday

Are you ready to integrate technology into your classroom?  Find a tidbit or two here to provide an innovative learning experience for your students.

Your students are embracing multimedia in their everyday lives.  Why not use it to make your teaching more effective and engaging!  Using video in your classroom will 1) save time by not having to repeat yourself while allowing the students to re-play for review as needed, 2) video allows you to show exactly what you mean much faster than writing it out and 3) will grab your student's attention because students love new technology.

Screencast-o-matic is a free web-based screen recorder that makes it simple to create and share your screencasts with students and other teachers.  You can record anything on your screen and narrate as you go.  Easy as 1,2,3.  Click record, capture your screen and voice then share.  Here is a quick tutorial for more information.

Screenr is another free screen recorder that is easy to use.

Your students will be amazed!  The videos will serve as your students personal tutor and will help them grasp concepts they are struggling with.

How would you use screencasts  in your classroom?