Daily life on The I.S.S

Life on the I.S.S (International Space Station) is quite different from life on earth. First of all, there is zero gravity in space so that means that everyday things become challenging. In this section we will look at shaving, going to the washroom, sleeping and eating.

Going to the washroom in space is quite different from going to the washroom in space. In space you have a little bucket for #2 that you have to strap yourself down to so you don't float away. For #1 there is a tube with a yellow funnel on the top.

Shaving in space is harder because there is no water to rinse the razor. In space you use Astroedge shaving cream. Astroedge shaving cream requires no water and makes it easier to shave in space.

As you can see, food in space is quite different from food on earth. In the top right corner there is dried spinach that you cook with hot water which is inserted through the top of the packet. Liquids are stored in sealed packets with a straw and a clasp that you can open and close to keep the liquids fresh.

As you can see, sleeping is quite different in space because there is zero gravity. You sleep in a Sleeping bag that is strapped to the ship so that you dont float out while you are sleeping. Your arms float while you sleep because the sleeping bags have arm holes.

Canadian Contributions

One of Canada's contributions to space research was creating the Canadarm 1. The Canadarm is a mechanical robotic arm that is used for repairs. The Canadarm is in charge of fixing problems with the I.S.S on the outer shell. The Canadarm 1 is a very helpful tool

Canada has helped with several space shuttle launches and has a program that helps astronauts train and prepare for space. Astronauts such as Chris hadfield and Jeremy hansen have used this program.

The I.S.S

The I.S.S was launched on November 20 1998. The cost of the I.S.S is 150 million US dollars. The I.S.S orbitS AT 400km and travels 7.66km/sec. The I.S.S has been in orbit for 6017 days 17 hours and 7 minutes (as of may 12th 2015). A large amount of different experiments are underway aboard the I.S.S. These experiments are selected by each space station partner. One of the experiments underways is to see if a young or older Fly will fly better the purpose of this experiment is to see if aging affects your abilties in micro gravity.

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