Inferences from "The Big Red Sled"
                      by Jane E. Gerver
                         John Carroll

                                        My story was The Big Red Sled

From the front cover of the book, I thought it was gonna be a winter day.

On page 1 Fred wants to take his sled to bed. And momma bear didn't let him.

Fred waits until his mom and dad are asleep. Fred gets up and goes down stairs.

I think Fred is going to go outside. And he goes outside and hears his dad snore.

I think that Fred is going to go sledding. He gets to the top of the hill and finds his friend Ray and Ray has a tray that is gray and the go sledding down the hill.

I think that Fred won and, they got to the bottom of the hill and found more friends and they had a snowball fight.

I think when they get done having the snowball fight that Fred goes home. Fred cant find his house so his stops quietly and listens and he hears his dad snoring.

I think Fred finds his house. And Fred listens and said this is the loudest one and Fred goes inside and momma is waiting and takes him to bed.

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