We've Got Religious Freedom Yes We Do, We've Got Religious Freedom How 'bout You?
It's the southern Colony!

Fun Fact: Virginia was the first successful southern colony  

   Our cool colonies are Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland!

Industry: Some of our fantastic jobs are Farming ( the ranching kind), Trade/Shipping, Lumbering, Fishing, and Iron Making! With farming you can either work on a large farm with lots of nice people or if you prefer you can work on a small farm with your family you can do this because the southern colonies likes to give you a choice. But you will have to work once your of age and if you are able.

A Beautiful Sight From the Southern Colonies

Climate: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have nice short mild winters (sometimes rainy) which means it will be over before you know it.And since the summers are longer there is a longer farming season. Plus all that rain makes for a beautiful sight.

Agriculture: In Georgia there are plains where you can build barns for the farming season.And there are a lot of different types of soil so you can grow different types of crops and because of it's great vegetation it's a great place to raise cattle for farms

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