Social Justice

Personhood, Common Good, Solidarity, and Subsidiarity

Personhood: all are  equal and unique in God's creation. We have our own dignity

Examples: Follow God's examples in the bible and teachings

Common Good: we have the right to live and have respect for a person

Examples: feeding a homeless and starving man

Solidarity: we all belong to each other through friendship/social charity

Examples: helping a group of elderly people cross the street  

Subsidiarity: those affected by a decision should be the ones who make it

Examples: when looking for a job pick the one that you think you'll do the best in

St. Eustace:

Exemplified Personhood: Stayed together to his real religion (Catholicism) and followed God's teachings and eventually was reunited with his wife and Children again.

Things to Do in Northeast Kansas:

1. Donate to a Charity

2. Volunteer at a food Kitchen.

3. Going to a Nursing home and visiting people who have no families.

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