Smurfy Living

Its time to learn about the culture of Smurfs!


    In the country of Smurf Ville live these blue creatures.  Instead of living in houses like we do, they live in small mushrooms that they have customized according to the smurfs attitude and or interests.  They have different mushrooms for the different activities that the smurfs do.  The population of the smurfs is huge.  Too many to count for a smurf or any other creature.  The size of the house depends on the smurf and their job.  They live in small villages amongst each other.


    In Smurfs Ville they eat all kinds of different plants.  The Fortune Cookie is a pastry that Baker Smurf bakes.  Brainy Smurf wrote the fortunes and put them in the cookies.  A Smurf Berry is a round red berry that grows on a bush.  It is the source of most of the nutrition that smurfs receive. One more type of berry is a Zing Berry, a Zing Berry is a type of berry that resembles a Smurf Berry, but is green and only grows in the Smurf Forest once a year.


    They have a very distinct way of speaking here.  The word "smurf" usually means, "to make", "to be", "to like", or "to do". When they explain how a day has been or they need to exlain how something is they say something is "just smurfy" or in some cases, "smurftastic".  In different parts of Smurfville they use words differently.  For example, the Northern Smurfs called a certain object a "bottle smurfer", while the Southern Smurfs called it a "smurf opener".  It doesn't have much significance to the culture.


    They worship the God 'Grandpa Smurf'.  The Smurfs aren't like us, they don't follow the same kind of religions.  They see Grandpa Smurf as their God because of his intelligence and the fact that he is so wise.  Papa Smurf learns everything that he know about surviving and the universe from Grandpa Smurf. They NEVER doubt what Grandpa Smurf has to say or the advice that he has to give them.  They believe in him because of his intelligence.

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