Five Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

The women of Singapore are knowledgeable of the positive effects that breast milk can offer to their children. Hence, despite the busy schedule of these mothers, they always find time to prioritize breast feeding. However, their loaded work life hampers sufficient milk production. To address this, five ways of increasing breast milk supply are provided in this article.

Massage. Significant advantages can be achieved by mothers when they are subjected to pregnancy massage singapore. One of which is the improvement of their lactation abilities. Such activity happens as a consequence of the ability of post-birth massages to clear clogged areolar ducts, an event which hastens the delivery of breast milk intro the nipples upon infant sucking. Also, massages aid the production of oxytocin hormones which influence the milk ejection reflex.

Drink plenty of water. It is a common notion that eight glasses or water must be consumed to maintain healthy bodily functions. For breastfeeding mothers, however, experts recommend the consumption of 10 to 12 glasses daily. The completion of this step is very essential since the production of a fluid like breast milk can better be improved when the body has an abundant water supply. More importantly, in order to maximize the potential ofpostnatal massage like weight loss and improved lactation, women must intake more than 12 glasses of water daily.

Practice regular breastfeeding. The physiological features of the female body adjust to the breast feeding routine that the mother implements. This means that when the mother breast feeds her baby frequently, the body will receive the signal that lactation is of high value, hence, more milk will be produced. However, when the mother starts to replace breast milk with formula feeding, the hormones of the body will perceive it as a signal to dwindle milk supply. Hence, if one desires to increase her milk supply then she must feed her child more frequently. It would also help if the mother has a strict feeding time table since this will help her body rest and produce milk during the feeding intervals.

Get enough sleep. Surely, the demands of motherhood will require a mother to stay up late or worse, stay awake for the rest of the night. While such activity is an admirable act, mothers must remember to pause and give themselves sufficient rest. They can do this by requesting their husbands to share the workload. If not, the female body will find little opportunities for repair and recovery, thus, decreasing the amount of milk that can be produced.

Stay calm. Whether she’s a first-time mother or not, the wonders of motherhood will never fail to overwhelm a woman. Consequently, a number of women report postpartum depression after childbirth. To avoid this medical disorder, mothers must remember to relax. This can be done by keeping constant communication with the husband, requesting assistance from household helpers and engaging in light physical exercises which can improve blood flow.

Breast milk is one of the best gives that mothers can offer to their newborn. Fortunately, the availability of lactation tips today can help mothers in improving their milk production capabilities.