Mahall's Lakewood Music Fest

August 23, 2014


Cotton Jones, The Floorwalkers, Ma Holos, Drippy Eye Projections, Fake Species, DEERPEOPLE, Shivering Timbers, Brujas Del Sol, Nomads, Nights, The Commonwealth, Pinch & Squeal, ITEM, Worthless, The Soil and The Sun, The Admirables, Joe Penzvalto, Matt Moore, Fiscal Spliff Band, Trepanning Trio, LMNTL, Analog Fantom, RA Washington, Ottawa, Captain Kidd, Jivviden, Djapo Cultural Arts Institute Dancers & Djembe Orchestra, Genevieve Gilbert

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Cleveland Flea pop up shop 2–10p. It's happening! Lakewood Music Fest is back and we're getting in on all the fun. It's all going down right in front of Mahall's 20 Lanes (13200 Madison Ave.) in Lakewood.

Between performers and tacos, you'll be able to drop in on some of your favorite Cleveland Flea vendors, meet a few new makers and collectors, and get your shopping fix.


Mahall's 20 Lanes

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Pasto (+1) 3 years ago

Oooh... I want to see Cotton Jones

are you coming?