Magic tree house Blizzard of the blue moon by Marcela Garcia- Luna

    The book blizzard of the blue moon was written and illustrated by Mary Pope Osborne. This book fits in the genres fiction, fantasy, and adventure. Because it is about a unicorn having to be found in a blizzard of new York.

     The plot I believe best fits this story is man vs. man. The reason is that two siblings and workers from the bad guy are both trying to get a unicorn. There are two heroes in this story the heroes are Jack and Annie.

    The villains are Grinda and Balor. The characters in this story are jack and Annie there the main characters. Also merlin a wizard, Morgan the librarian of Camelot, teddy Kathleen young sorcerers. Grinda and Balor are the workers for villain, Mr. Perkins man in park, dianthus the unicorn.

     The four words I would use to describe the main characters are kind, courage, perseverance,  and intelligent. This books setting in new York in1938. this setting is poor, populated, huge, and varied.  I would recommend this book to people who like adventure, fantasy, and fiction books. Also if you like the magic treehouse series.

     This book is about two kids named jack and Annie having a magic tree house. who soon end up in new York to find a lost unicorn. They believe it is at the Bronx zoo but end up at the museum.

      But soon discover the unicorn is in a tapestry at the museum but. When they get it out grinda and balor are there and start taking the unicorn. Jack and Annie get it back they take it to the magic tree house.

      Soon they realize that merlin, Morgan, teddy, Kathleen where under cover with them. Then Kathleen and teddy take the unicorn home to Camelot. So Annie and jack go back home for hot chocolate.

     something I noticed about the writing was it is in past tense.