Ever youthful Meryl Streep

Ever youthful Meryl Streep, 65, bewitches in monochrome dress during GMA visit to promote Into The Woods

Meryl Streep doesn't play just any old witch in Into The Woods - she is 'a force' who sets everything in motion.

The 65-year-old actress similarly impressed as she turned up on Tuesday's edition of Good Morning America to talk about her new movie musical Into The Woods.

Meryl looked amazing for her television chat with host George Stephanopoulos, wearing a slimming black and white dress, black stockings and tall black boots while her blonde hair was brushed sleek and straight.

Of course the role of the conspiring witch required Meryl to drastically alter her looks, don a few warts and long fingernails and wear a tumble of bluish-green hair.

'The hair was pretty. Everything was really pretty,' Meryl joked about the part.

She continued: 'I had turned down witch roles. When I turned 40 I got three different offers to play witches. It didn't feel good.

'And also I don't like the trope of witches. Politically I don't like it, it's a demonization of women - older women.'

But this witch was worth playing, and she causes havoc for a cast of characters including Emily Blunt's The Baker's Wife, James Corden's The Baker, Anna Kendrick's Cinderella and Chris Pine's Prince among others.

'Well, yeah, this is a force who sets in motion a series of stories and events. And this is Steven Sondheim,' Meryl said. 'This is great music and a fantastic cast, and a magical setting.

When she was told that Sondheim complimented her for finding 'colours' in the lyrics, Meryl laughed and said: 'That could mean it was off pitch.'

Stephanopoulos earned a laugh when he brought up Emily Blunt's tongue-in-cheek complaint that Streep has tormented her in TWO films now (think back to The Devil Wears Prada).

He recalled Blunt's suggestion that next time she play the dressmaker to her Queen of Versailles, to which Meryl quipped: 'Oh, her dressmaker, sewing tiny clothes.'

The subject inevitably turned to a certain fall on set while acting out a scene with Emily and James in the cottage.

Emily revealed that she was the one who stepped in and prevented Meryl from falling to the ground.

'Yes, it's sort of true,' Meryl said when asked about the actress 'saving her life.'

'James Corden, who plays the Baker, he's been telling this story, but actually it was (director) Rob Marshall who ran over and saved my life... in many scenes.'

Into The Woods bows in US theatres on Christmas Day, December 25.

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