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9th grade English
Daymeun Johnson

Expository Essay

Humpback whales are a species of many whales that has almost been pushed to extinction. The humpback whale can be identified by its blue color and black dorsal fin. They have been hunted almost to the brink of extinction in the 17th-18th century. The Humpback whales diet is usually krill and small crustaceans. they usually live in large transient groups they look out for each other and they help each other if they see any danger. Humpback whales are found everywhere except in the arctics. Humpbacks are large creatures that weigh up to 7 to 8 tons. they are known to eat usually in the summer. Ritual take place during the winter months, following migration toward the equator from the poles. they usually compete for mating right s in fierce battles that could kill them. females usually breed every two to three years. the gestation period is 11.5 months, yet some individuals have been known to breed in two consecutive years. Both male and female humpback whales vocalize, but only males produce the long, loud, complex songs for which the species is famous for. humpbacks inhabit all major oceans, in a wide band running from the antarctic ice edge to 77 degrees N . i Believe whales should stopped being hunted to the brink of extinction.

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