hello,my name is Ben

I like this because sonic the hedgehog is one my favorite characters

My top 10
1.my favorite color is blue
2.my 3 favorite tv shows are family guy,futurama,and sword art online.
3.I like to play video games a lot
4.my dogs name is durbey
5.I have my mom,my dad,2 brothers,4 sisters,and a stepmother
6.im thinking of going to UTA at college
7.I want to be a video game creator
8.My favorite video game is Call of duty black ops 2.
9.my favorite movie is Ghostrider
10.My 2 favorite cartoon characters ar Goku from"Dragon ball z" and Sonic from"Sonic the hedgehog".

Because Goku is also one of my favorite characters
Because I like them together

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