Jove the God

What do they look like? My alluded character is Jove,otherwise known as Jupiter.He is chief ancient Roman and Italian God. Jove is usually perceived to be strong with a thunder bolt

What is their power? What is their purpose? Joves's power is ruling over the sky,light,and over all the gods and goddesses.His purpose is to lay down the law and to make his will known (Jupiter 2)

What is their myth?In Roman mythology,Jove was known as the god of Heaven and Earth.He was given this title at a meeting after Saturn and the Titans were overthrown.He gave Neptune the sea and his brother Pluto the underworld. Jove had a wife named Juno whow as jealous of the attention,he gave to the goddesses and the women.  

What symbols/rituals are associated with them? Lightning and eagles are two or Jove's main symbols associated with him. A festival associated with him is on April 23, called Vinalia. It is about him and Venus. People give them things like wine and spices in return for things like beauty and charm.

Why would Shakespeare choose to allude to your character? Shakespeare alluded to Jove in his famous play romeo and Juliet. Theres a scene where Juliet aks Romeo,if he loves her,pointing to Jove. "Dost thou love me? I know thou will say 'Ay,' And I will take thy word,yet if thou swear'st,Thou mayst prove false;at lovers' prejuries They say Jove laughs(II,ii)."Jove loved many women and goddesses so heh frequently made up lies to cover up his affairs if he was asked by his wife,Juno. Ig his lovers attempted to do this,he would laugh.Shakespeare like to allude to mythology in general because people during that time could relate to them easily.

How does the stories about your character relate to the theme of conflict and change in MAAN?In MAAN theres a lot of gossip and lies. For example,Benedick and Beatrice are ticked into loving one another and Hero is falsely slandered becasue of Borachio and Margaret. Jove tried to trick his wife into believing he was faithful even though he wasn't.

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