Motion Group Project

By: Davis, Max, Sara, And Anna

How do Newton's laws affect the car?

The first law, an object in motion stays in motion an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an external force relates to the car's motion by pushing it and stopping it, creating the external force.

The second law which states that the larger the force, the bigger the acceleration is demonstrated when we tested the theory several times, the force sometimes quite different.

The third law, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite force is represented in the motion of the car when the car is slightly moves to the side from the opposite net force.

The forces according to the graph are unbalanced. The forces on the car are gravity, friction, and push.


To finish off, we have composed a short quiz to be sure you were paying attention.

1) Were the forces balanced or unbalanced?

2) What were the forces acting on the car?

3) How is Newton's 1st law effecting the car?

4) How is Newton's 2nd law effecting the car?

5) How is Newton's 3rd law effecting the car?

BONUS) What color was our car?

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