The Original
Lesson Laundry Bag
by Mom

Mom's feel better and Kids look better

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The True Story Of The Lesson Laundry Bag

My Mom (Caroline Nickel) invented the Lesson Laundry Bag, when I went away to college for the first time. She knew that no matter how many times she told me how to do my laundry, I would forget, so she went the next step and then wrote the directions on a laundry bag.

Here's Mom and the family. She's a retired teacher, so loves reading to the grand kids.

My roommates would dump my clothes out so they could follow the directions and when my Mom found out, she decided to have some made and see if other Moms felt the same way. Guess what? They did and over 20 years later, thousands of college kids from around the world go off to school with a Lesson Laundry Bag and thousands of moms are sleeping a little better at night knowing their kids won't screw up their wash.

Why not give someone the gift of safe laundry? They will love the gift and you will always be remembered every time they pick up their bag of dirty clothes. Brothers, sisters, cousins grandparents are all joining forces with us to make the world safe from pink underwear.

Just click the red button to get started and my Mom and Dad will personally pack your laundry bag with love to be shipped wherever you may need it.

Best of luck to you and your kids and friends and thanks for reading our story.


Brad Nickel
Nickel Productions

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Mom's hand is getting tired and she might quit making them(just kidding, I make my little brother make them). OK, not really they are double sticked though and made of the highest quality canvas to endure the rigors of college and the occasional bout as a short toga outfit.

Satisfaction guaranteed (if you don't cut leg and arm holes in it and wear it as your halloween lime bean costume).

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