My Lucky Penny

Name(s): Jaimie Winston & Dalton Odom

Class Period: 6th Period

Name of "Wild Card" - Lucky Penny

Names of 3 paint colors:

  • Rise-N-Sunshine
  • Spiced utternut Coffee
  • Fuzzy Navel

Simile - "It was like magic."

Alliteration - "Peter picking a pecking of pickled peppers."

Imagery ( 3 sensory Details) 

  • "As I was walking, some how I tripped on a penny..." 
  • "There was a fire in the lunch cafeteria, and the whole school had escape the building.
  • The fire department came to try to get the fire out, but they were to late. They got the fire out, but everything was destroyed.

3 sizzling words -

  • Screamed - "The next morning, my alarm clock screamed..."
  • Asked - "I went outside and asked.."
  • Happy - " I was so happy.."

Onomatopoeia -

  • Boom - "I was in math class when I heard a BOOM!"

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