5 Online Safety Tips

By Abbie Nielsen

#1 Never give personal information!

Strangers can use your personal information against you. They also can use it to find you.

#2 Never open unknown emails!

It could be a person you don't know trying to convince you that he is the one you should go with, he is not.  Delete it right away if you do not know who it is.

#3 Never trust a stranger!

Who knows it could be a 56 year old man, who is pretending to be 15.  It could be a person who just wants to get your personal information.

#4 Meeting people online!

If you start feeling uncomfortable then ignore the person your talking to. If someone wants you to follow them on Facebook or any other accounts and you don't know them, don't do it.

#5 Don't have same password or username!

If you have the same username for everything and password then it makes it easier for the people to figure out them for other accounts.  Also if they find out the password for one of your accounts, they can find out all the other accounts and get on them really quick.  Change your password every once in a while.

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