If you are a fan of Italy  and you love music too, this is your restaurant, a world of pizzas.


You can choose all the types of pizza in three sizes:

Small       £7

Medium   £15

Large     £25    


Pepperoni pizza (pepperoni, salami, tomato, cheese and mozzarella)

Ham and cheese pizza (ham and cheeese)

Daisy pizza (mozarella, tomato, oregano and basil)

Hawaiian pizza (pineaple, ham, mozarella, spices)

Four cheeses pizza (mozarella, blue cheese, parmesan cheese and ricotta cheese)

Chicken pizza (chicken, ham, tomato, mozarella and spices)

Neapolitan pizza (mozarella, tomato, garlic, parsley and olives)

Ham and bacon pizza (mozarella, ham, bacon, and spices)

Egg and bacon pizza (Italian cheese, bacon, eggs, cherry tomatoes and basil)

Salamon and shrimps pizza (salmon, shrimps and mozarella)

Four seasons pizza (yellow cheese, ham, mushrooms, olives, tuna, onion and oregano)

Carbonara pizza (bacon, parmesan, cheese, mozarella, cream and egg yolks)

Barbeque pizza (veal, chicken, onion, tomato, bacon, mozarella and barbecue sauce)

Divola pizza (sausage and spicy sauce)

Spring pizza (asparagus, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozarella)

Iberian pizza (tomato, highland ham and olive oil)

Personalized pizza (you can choose al te ingredients that you want)


Coke £2

Nestea £1'50

Beer £2'50

Fanta lemon or orange £1'20

Water £1


Ice cream £3

Strawberry £2'50

Chocolate £1'50

Lemon £1'50


A big living room.

A lot of specialized cookers.

You can choose the music that you want to listen to.

Two bathrooms (one for women and other for men).

A chewing gym vending machine.

We organize pizza competitions.

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