Back to the future

My name is Max and I have just been sent to the past in 2007 but the time I belong to is 2015 .Right now I’m letting my knowledge be useful and making money until I get close enough to the future where I can effort scientist to make me a time travel machine .I was seven years old back in 2007 but when I was sent to the past I didn't change age so that’s great so I don't have to relive them years. I plan on trying to get the past updated to the future so I don’t have to deal with old technology and I get credit for everything I do. I plan on going to see my family when I get the time machine built and I get to relive all the good times I had. I get to do whatever I want really I’m rich because all I have created like the iPhone's and others. I don't know if I will ever get to go back to my time so I have to try and me a life in the past until I know for sure.

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