The Europeans Perspective of the Crusades

Mr. Burruel - World History

Europeans had a point of view that was different than the Jews, Muslims, Byzantine. "In truth, the Christian Crusades were more of a series of invasions that took place in fits and starts by all manner of Europeans-young, old, poor (and poorly trained)- in addition to the occasional land-holding knight." (Crusades History and the Holy City) The Europeans led the First Crusade, like most of the later ones, noble and royal families, who raised funds and armies from their estates. "The armies of the Christian Crusades were only able to hold Jerusalem for about 90 years-shorter period than other regions in Crusades history."(Crusades History and the Holy City) The Europeans traveled from Edesso, Antioch, Tripoh, Tyre, Acre, Jerusalem, Ashkelon."These armies marched overland to Constantinople, where Emperor Alexius I ferried them across the Bosphorus into Asia.

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