Benefits of internet marketing to customers and businesses

Internet marketing is developing and growing every day, many business are now online with their own website in which they make many sales each day. I will be describing the many benefits of online marketing for both the customer and the business. I will be explaining the benefits for 3 different business who use online marketing.


Increased bargaining power-ASOS have the power to increase sales on online marketing through the introduction to bargains. ASOS can display these bargains and deals on their home screen which is viewed by the customers as soon as they enter the website.

Immediate online sales and customer services- ASOS provide customers with the service of immediate sales online. As soon as the customer’s payment is made ASOS immediately starts the delivery process. ASOS also provide customer services to their customers, this allow the customers to communicate with the business about issues and services. They can do this through a chat, phone or email.

Easier to cancel as no person to person issues- ASOS don’t allow person to person sales unlike sites like eBay and Amazon so it is a lot easier to cancel an order. The cancel form goes straight to ASOS themselves so they will be able to cancel it quickly. Whereas if it was person to person there would be a lot of issues to cancel a payment. This is an advantage to the customers using ASOS to buy their products.


Opportunities to compare providers- Amazon are a business who provide options on their providers for their products. On some products on their website they suggest options of other sellers who sell the same product. So you can select the provider you want. These providers may range in prices, services and quality of product.

Opportunities for lower costs-Amazon are a business which allow a chance for customers to get a lower price for products. The way they can reduce the price compared to original retail prices are through auctions. Amazon allow the seller to show a starting price and then other customers can bid on from this price. This gives the customers a chance for a lower price if the bids end up lower than the retail price.

Opportunities to pool customer experiences collectively- Amazon use a chat room to connect further with their customers. This chat room can be used to Amazons advantage as they can collect information about the customer’s opinions on their services. Amazon can also use these chats to view consumer to consumer comments which they can analyse to improve.

Better prices with middle man removed- although amazon does sell products with a middleman, they do have products without a middle man. This means that the customers can select these products which come straight from the supplier with a better price. This is so the middleman can’t raise the price to try and gain some profit.

More leisure time and flexibility- Using amazon means the customers can use the website at any time, the website is flexible because it is open 24/7.This is an advantage to the customers as they can be more relaxed and have leisure time.

First direct

availability of more comprehensive and up to date product information- First direct update their website more regularly because if they are making changes by introducing more products, new deals and different information then they need to update this information. If they don’t update this information then they could land in trouble for false advertisement and so they need to make sure they keep up with website changes.

Availability of digital complaints services- This is the service provided by the business to customers, this service manages all of the complaints from the customers. This service can be used to sort and solve the complaints. The business can use this overall to improve their online marketing services so this can be beneficial.

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