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Curriculum Focus

PLUS2 Observation.....Our TWO focus areas are DOK and Cognitive Engagement. The same group of adults will be back on our campus January 27th to see how we have grown in these two areas.

Overall Scores for our Look Fors.....Scale 1-7....Scale 1 (Not implemented)...Scale 4 (Implemented, not yet embedded)....Scale 7 ( Fully Implemented and embedded).

1- Posted Standard: Learning Objective/Goal = 6.115

2 - Instructional Framework = 6.375

3- DOK= 4.99

4.- Student Cognitive Engagement=5.35

5.- Differentiated Instruction=5.424

6.- Ongoing Assessment= 6.95

GOAL for Cycle 1:  Based on the PLUS2 Cycle 1 Look For data for student cognitive engagement (5.35) and DOK (4.99) will increase each of these Look Fors by 1 point each.

I have put a PowerPoint  about Cognitive Engagement on Edmodo.

    Important Information


    This Week....

    Monday: 3rd-5th Dance Team Practice; Flag Pole Ceremony; Chorus @ 2:00

    Tuesday: NO SCHOOL.....Veteran's Day!!!!

    Wednesday:  Faculty Meeting

    Thursday: Fire Drill


    Coming Up...

    Monday:   Kdg-2nd Dance Practice; Chorus

    Tuesday: MTSS Team B

    Wednesday: LLT Mtg

    Thursday: Leader Landing;Thanksgiving lunch

    Friday: Leader Landing; MTSS Team B; Leader of the Month  

    Happy Birthday

    Nov. 10th - Summer Himes

    Reflection Question

    How do you challenge students by tasks and materials?

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