Pride and Prejudice Interpretation
by Sarah Brooks, Sarah Siegel, Bianca Yarto 6th


The Bennet family consists of five unmarried daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Pride and Prejudice is surrounded around the life of Elizabeth. She constantly feels pressured by her parents to rush into a marriage. Finally, she meets Mr. Darcy and they hit it off, the only thing holding her back from marriage is herself. She is constantly battling with herself and always thinking about how others will be affected. Elizabeth Bennet is the witty daughter of the Bennet family. She is a very respectable woman who is seen as very intelligent. She is a very strong headed woman who has to deal with many problematic relationships yet she rises over these hardships. Fitzwilliam Darcy is one of Mr. Bingley’s close friends who is viewed as arrogant and disliked by most of the Bennet family, he is part of a very wealthy family and he often times judges people who have less money. Jane Bennet is the oldest, most beautiful sister in the family and she gets engaged to Mr. Bingley - a wealthy man who moved into Longbourn.

Evident Themes Still Present Today

-Unrequited Love

-Class Struggles

-Family Expectations

-Money Troubles

3 Important Scenes

I. The Bennet family attends a ball held by Mr. Bingly, a wealthy bachelor who has just arrived to Longbourn, England. Mrs. Bennet, an overbearing, worrisome mother is ecstatic about this opportunity to marry off one of her five daughters to this very eligible bachelor. Jane, the eldest daughter, is taken with Mr. Bingly, and vice versa. Elizabeth, the second born daughter, has a somewhat awkward but intriguing encounter with Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingly’s solemn and seemingly arrogant friend. This scene is vital to the story because it introduces most main characters personalities and sets the main conflict (the two love stories).



After various encounters, Elizabeth and Darcy develop a strange but flirtatious relationship. In the heat of the moment, Darcy proposes to Elizabeth. Elizabeth quickly declines, after hearing rumors that Darcy had betrayed a Soldier, Mr. Wickham, that Elizabeth’s younger sisters had fallen in love with.



Finally, Elizabeth learns that Mr. Wickham had lied about Darcy and that Darcy is truly a good man. Darcy proposes for the second time and Elizabeth accepts.

Movie Review

Except for minor details, the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice is a very accurate and well done interpretation of the Jane Austen novel. The setting, wardrobe, and cast selection are exactly what the reader pictures. The powerful shots of verdant English countryside landscape perfectly reflect Austen’s descriptions of the small town of Longbourn. Although the Bennet family’s simple but elegant wardrobe is a bit ahead of their time, most readers imagine them wearing garments similar to the ones worn.

Kiera Knightly flawlessly transforms into the intelligent, quick-witted Elizabeth Bennet. Knightly’s innately kind disposition makes her a perfect fit to play Elizabeth. Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Elizabeth’s wealthy, prideful love interest, is able to personify the change of heart that Darcy endures after falling in love with Elizabeth.

A factor that deviated from the book was Elizabeth’s impatient, rebellious attitude toward her parents. Although the book described her as a forward thinking and independent woman, Elizabeth never directly challenged her parents, as she did in reaction to Mr. Collins’ proposal in the film.

Our Pitch

- set in modern day suburbia

- in Mexico City

- Mr. Bingley is a suave businessman from England visiting Mexico City

- Elizabeth, her four sisters, and their mother are about to become homeless because their dad is very sick and they can no longer afford their home

- The decision is made that all of the sisters need to find good men to marry so that they will be taken care of, since they couldn’t afford college

- Mr. Bingley sees Jane selling mangos on the street and immediately takes a liking to her, so he buys a fancy apartment by the Bennet’s house in order to be closer to her

- Mr. Bingley invites his close friend Mr. Darcy to live in the new bachelor pad with him

- When the annual neighborhood fiesta, happens that Friday night at the local bar, the Bennets, Mr. Bingley, and Mr. Darcy all attend

- Mr. Darcy tries to do everything in his power to convince Mr. Bingley that marrying or being with one of the Bennets would be terrible for his reputation as a rich businessman, but Mr. Bingley is too captured by Jane to listen

- At the biggest fiesta of the year, Dia De los Muertos, Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance, and she is confused by her feelings but accepts

- The girls’ uncle, Mr. Collins, is a lonely old selfish man and buys their house up from under them when the bank forecloses it, but refuses to help the girls out and let them live there

- he decides he wants to marry Elizabeth, which is definitely NOT what Elizabeth wants to do

- Darcy proposes to Elizabeth at the top of the nicest hotel in Mexico City, she is psyched and says yes (luckily, she had gotten her hair done the day before, so she looked perfect)

Elizabeth Bennet- Emma Watson

  • Brunette, traditionally pretty
  • Sassy, but respectful
  • Quick witted and Intelligent
  • Elizabeth defies her parents by refusing Mr. Collins which is an important scene because it tells a lot about her personality and character.

Jane Bennet- Gabriella Wilde

  • Blonde, extremely pretty
  • Very polite, does what shes told
  • Key scene is when Jane and Bingley fall in love at the big Fiesta  

Fitzwilliam Darcy- James Franco

  • Dark and handsome
  • Arrogant at first until falling in love with Elizabeth
  • Important scene is when he confesses his love to Elizabeth for the first time because we see how he transforms into a caring guy

Charles Bingley- Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Very handsome
  • Bright and charismatic
  • Bingley and Jane fall in love at the Fiesta, which causes Elizabeth and Darcy to meet again afterwards

Mr. Bennet- David Duchovny

  • Looks like a typical dad
  • Slightly rude/blunt with his wife and daughters, but has their best interest at heart
  • Key scene is when he accepts Elizabeth's decision not to marry Mr. Collins

Mrs. Bennet- Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Kind looking
  • Overbearing, obsessive mother, very obsessed with her daughters financial security
  • Important scene is when she forces her husband to reach out to Mr. Bingley in order to introduce him to her daughters. This reveals her main goals for her daughters.
Mexico City Skyline- 6 miles from the Bennet
The Bennet's street
The Local Bar ("El Chupacabra")
Typical outfits for the Bennet sisters

Local Music

The Bennet's Neighborhood

Typical Music Playing in the

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