Hanfeizi is a leader of the famous know philosophy legalism.Hanfeizi was very certain you needed peace and order for a society.Which is why he was a very valued man in his time period.Hanfeizi sought that legalism taught that rulers could create order in society only through strict laws and harsh punishments.As you can see Hanfeizi was very persisted with legalism.Unlike the other phiosophers of the time Hanfezi was a member of the ruling aristocracy.Which has been born in the ruling family of the han at the end of the warring states.Though as implied Hanfeizi is a developer of the well known philosophy of legalism and showed his impotance to the philosophy.


 Legalism is the political philosophy that does not address higher questions pertaining to the nature and purpose of existence.The legalist belived that government could only become a science if rulers were decided by pious.Which were ideals such as tradition and humanity.The most important principle in legalism was that humans are inheritealy evil and incline toward criminal ans selfish behavior.As of saying that we are all evil and selfish as explained in legalism.As a solution to bad behavior the sage-kings invented immortality.But the way of making belive morally is through habitutionand harsh punishments.Finally,legalism is a strict system with good and bad puishments with strict laws and beliefs.

    As shown in the picture above this is one of the many harsh punishments of legalism.The whole point of legalism as it is from time to time is to dominate chinesee law with cruel and unusual punishments.And these punishments are extremely painful and searing.Breaking huge laws in legalism can lead to being beaten with sticks while having your arms amd legs twisted around a pole.This method is used for most crimes.Even pity crimes such as minor theft are usually punished with whipping in the streets of a local community.Again as explained bad behavior is punished by painful torture and even unwilling death as explained in legalism.

     Legalism was one of the four main schools of thought during the spring and warring states period.Citizens must be able to write the code of law of legalism.This code is to be clear and written in public.As one of the schools of thought legalism must reward good behavior and punish bad.As an example of the harsh punishments is torture or a beating.These laws and strict punishments are also manditory for children.So even beatings are given to children.Legalism one of the four main schools of thought taught the laws and belifes of legalism.

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