Rainforest #ecosys6

Biotic Factors

monkey, gibbon, caiman, turtle, jaguar, fish, parrots, tree frogs, boa.


water, air, precipitation, sun

Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity is how many organisms an ecosystem can support. water, shelter, and food are the things that an organism has to have to survive.

In the rainforest the the population changes with limiting factors such as flash floods and disease, and human foresting.

some predator/prey relationships are a jaguar and monkeys, kaiman and turtle, and python and small rodents.

producers: bananas

consumers: jaguar

decomposers: Bracket Fungus

the bananas get their energy by the sun's rays, the jaguar gets energy by eating other animals like monkeys and turtles, the fungus gets energy by decomposing dead organisms.

Producers are important cause they are food for most creature and us.

food chains

they show more detail and more paths for the energy to take.

If i removed the coyote, there would be an overpopulation of ringtails, western whiptail, mule deer, jack tipped jackrabbit.jaguar

the food pyramid is a pyramid because the amount of available calories get smaller as the animals are eaten off. the producers are the largest level because they have the most energy and they are most abundant. the top predators are smaller because they get little energy and they are a lot more rare.

oxygen: O2 glucose: C6H12O6 water: H20 carbon dioxide: CO2

sun light, water, and carbon dioxide are needed for the chemical reaction. Oxygen and glucose are produced. Photosynthesis happens on the atomic level


tropism is a reflex that is triggered by an external stimuli. examples: the roots of the kapok tree, the leaves of the fern.

tropism helps my plant to survive because the roots grow deep to find underground soures of water.


Decomposers take the dead leaves and animals that fall from the trees or die and decompose them to feterilze the ground to make healthy soil for new plants. some fungi that are in the rainforest are bracket fungus,cup fungus, coral fungus, and slime mould.


Some adaptations in my ecosystem are a tree frog's sticky hands so it can climb and cling to the wet slippery bark.

Animal adaptations: ability to climb trees or swim.

Plant adaptation: ability to catch water and sunlight.

If you placed a turtle from a rainforest into a desert. It would suffer from dehydration very quickly and die

Natural selection

Without natural selection none of the animals would be fully or perfectly adapted to the environment and die.

One animal that is naturally selected is the tree frog, it has adapted to be almost invisible in the trees with its shade of green, also it has a long elastic tongue to snatch up insects

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