StateTrust’s Code of Ethics

StateTrustspecializes in providing a complete range of financial products, services and strategies to help its clients to grow and preserve their net worth, while reaching their investment objectives and financial goals.

Miami, Florida, USA – April 4, 2014 – At StateTrustthere is a set of ethical principles that they apply to all of their services. This Code of Ethics is what guides the company to always do right by and for its clients.

First and foremost, StateTrust understands that trust from the customers can only be achieved by performing with INTEGRITY at all times.

StateTrust encourages its staff to act in a consistent manner, according to the values, beliefs and principles that they hold as important and to cultivate these values through the practice of the Code of Ethics. Due to the nature of the services offered, StateTrust is placed in a position of trust and confidence by the clients, which must be preserved by performing with integrity, honesty and frankness in adherence and respect to the values of the company.

StateTrust believes in the importance of building solid relationships with customers but never forgetting that it is accountable for fact-based and OBJECTIVE decision making.

By relying on verifiable data, StateTruststrives to perform and provide services with objectivity; reducing or eliminating biases, prejudices or subjective evaluations that could affect the provision of services and/or the outcome. To perform with objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality, all of which are qualities of the services provided.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals, decades of financial experience of the staff and their quest for continuous education allows to deliver services with COMPETENCE.

At StateTrustthe knowledgeable, skillful and experienced staff provides services to clients in a competent manner, working as a team and learning from the collective experiences to further enrich and improve the know-how. StateTrust is also a firm believer in ongoing education, and as such, provides its staff with opportunities for learning.

StateTrusthas zero tolerance for situations where FAIRNESS could be compromised. They value their customers and put great emphasis on keeping their trust and in securing their CONFIDENTIALITY.

StateTrust embraces the value of fairness, striving to make reasonable and impartial choices and decisions regarding their day to day operations and interaction with clients. StateTrust avoids situations and relationships were conflicts of interests might exist. They also have in place anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies, to help promote a healthy work environment with honest business practices.

At StateTrust, a lot of the client’s information and financial data is managed, which is handled in a strictly confidential manner. Not only have they taken measures to protect the data repositories, but they also abide to a policy of non disclosure of any confidential client information without their specific consent. Their clients can feel comfortable knowing that information supplied to them will be confidential, and that helps foster better relationships.

Conducting business with PROFESSIONALISM and keeping a professional relationship with the customers, inside or outside the workplace, is a key operating factor.

Due to the nature of the services provided, it is important to present a professional image that clients can feel comfortable with. The staff is encouraged to conduct themselves in a professional manner by acting in adherence to StateTrust’s Code of Ethics and that of their profession, inside and outside of the workplace.

StateTrust strives to make sure all checklists and service procedures are accomplished, as a DILIGENT path to servicing the customer.

At StateTrust the aim is to provide a diligent service in compliance with the manuals and checklists of procedures and in adherence to the principles of promptness and thoroughness. Agents, advisors and planners strive to offer the clients fast and well thought out solutions to their financial needs.


StateTrustis a privately owned financial institution specializing in wealth and investment management. It operates in the United States through StateTrust Capital LLC, an investment advisor firm and StateTrust Investments Inc., a registered broker-dealer.

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