Opinion Writing

Have you ever seen the Grant school bathrooms? If you have do you agree that they need to be fixed up and cleaned? We need to fix Grant school bathrooms.

We need to fix Grant schools bathrooms because they are gross and dirty. I might just be a little kid, but I know that dirty and gross rooms attract rodents. Also, it might start to smell. That is why we need to fix the Grant school bathrooms.

Another reason we need to fix Grant school bathrooms is because some of the things are broken. For example, one of the stalls is broken and does not lock and you might get walked in on. Also, if it is broken it does not work. Read on to learn more about how Grant school needs to fix the bathrooms.

We need to fix Grant school bathrooms because I have heard other kids say so. If other kids say so it must be true. Also, if we don't fix the bathrooms it might start to become a big deal of a bunch of people saying so. I hope that I changed your mind about how we need to fix Grant schools bathrooms.

Last but not least I am going to answer some of your concerns. One of your concerns might be about how will we get the money? Luckily, I have a solution. My solution is to have a fundraiser. Also, who would do the work in the bathrooms? Mr. Terry and Mr Gary, our school janitors, could do it. Now that I found some solutions to your concerns, we can fix the bathrooms.

I really think it is important that we fix the bathrooms in Grant School. If you are ever in Grant School’s bathrooms try to keep them clean. If we work together we can fix the bathrooms at our school.

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