The declaration

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The main character in declaration is Anna Covey, but everyone knows her as surplus Anne.  Anna was not suppose to be born, she grows up in Grange Hall thinking that her parents are very selfish and only thought for them selves, thats why she's there is because no one wanted her, thats what she thought. Anna has been there for years and thinks her parents are in jail where they belong because of how they just left her here. The book The Declaration is very believable because I think that when the time comes our government will do the something that the government has done in the book, we just have to make sure we all control the amount of children that all of us are having. Yes, i think the readers can connect with her to a point,maybe because they have been in foster homes,went from being with there parents most there life and they end up passing away from something, the troubles Anna goes through at Grange Hall we could connect with, because of the chores she does everyday and how she tries her best to listen to Mrs. Pincent. Anna has two things that make her interesting, even through she gets yelled at by Mrs.Pincent most of the time or even called angrily to her office. Anna still is positive and does cry or get mad." Anna! Anna, will you come here this minute!" ( ch.1, pg.15) The second interesting thing about Anna is that she makes sure everyone else's is following the rule of not telling secrets but Anna has a secret hidden in the bathroom wall crack that if Ms.Pincent finds out she could get beaten for having it. " number one she wasn't allowed to accept gifts from anyone. and number two,journals and writing were forbidden in grange hall." ( Ch.1, Pg.16) The character that I think will cause problems  is Peter. Peter is a new surplus that was found and brought to grange hall by the police. the first impression he made on Anna was whisper to her that he knows her parents, that her real name is Anna Covey and he was there to get her out of grange hall. he is telling Anna a lot of things that he is going to do and why he was brought here and something no one knew but her and Ms. Pincent. " Anna Covey, i have to tell you about your parents he whispered." ( Ch.4, Pg 48)

the conflict in the declaration

The conflict so far is between Anna and Peter. The problem started with Peter came to Grange Hall, he has been trying to convince Anna  that he knows all  about her parents,how they sent him to find her and get her out of here. Reading the novel i think that Peter has meet Anna's parents before, i think everything he is telling Anna is true. Peter always has called surplus Anna by her legal name Anna Covey but how would he actually know that he would have meet her parents. "Please don't use words from the Outside in Grange Hall, and please don't pretend that you know my parents, because as far as I'm concerned I don't have any."(p.g 35) He also knows that she also has a birthmark on her stomach that happens to look like a butterfly. So far Peter has been breaking a lot of the rules at Grange Hall and was finally punished for doing so they put him in solitary for a couple days but when he came out Anna said that he learned nothing because he still winks at her and tells her about her parents and that he was sent to help her get out of this evil place. i think that this conflict could be resolved by Anna just taking a chance and believe that Peter actually knows her parents and he would like to help he get out of this place, Anna has already broken the no journals and writing rule i don't think it would kill her to follow Peter with his big plan to actually help her have the life she would like. if i was in a conflict like this i would honestly be terrified to even break the rules knowing something could happen to me, but if i am going to be suck in a place were i always have to act that i like it i should take that me in a life time risk, and break free and let myself fly like i have always wanted too. so i would listen to peter in the end because i know i could have a chance to live my real dream.

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