Library Media Center News

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people. - Will Rogers

Welcome back to school, Mustangs!
The start of a new year means new beginnings, new memories to make and of course- new friends to meet! We hope you will all start the semester ready to learn and have a great year! There are so many great resources here at Will Rogers and our goal is to help you use them as you need them. All students are allowed to check out two books at a time, plus parents can check out our materials too. Please feel free to drop in at the library to see us anytime throughout the day, we love to see you!

A new Mustang in the herd!

Hello there! My name is Sarah Major and I am so thrilled to join the amazing team here at Will Rogers Elementary as the new Library Media Specialist! Some things you might like to know about me are:
 -I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education from OSU
 -I have taught 3rd and 2nd grades.
 -I am finishing up my Masters in Educational Technology/Library Media Specialist this semester at OSU.
 -I grew up on a farm where we raised sheep and they are by far my favorite animal.
 -I have always loved to read, and my favorite hobby is helping kids find books they love!

The most important thing I want you to know about me is that I am committed to helping the members of this school be successful. The library here is adopting the words you saw at the top of the page, spoken by Will Rogers himself. We truly believe that people do get smarter by reading great books and spending time around others who they can learn from. The goal of our Library Media Center (fondly called the LMC) is to create a place for those two things to happen!

Volunteer to help in our LMC!

We could use some helping hands in our library and would love to involve any moms, dads, grandmas, or grandpas! If you think you would be available to come in and help us label or shelve books, prepare materials for the library, help students with reading tasks, or help out with either of our book fairs- Just click the button below to give us an idea of when you would be available to come in!