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Welcome to our workshop! We're so glad you're here. Our goal is to help you develop comfortability with the device and apps to unlock your digital creativity.

iPad Workshop - App Smashing

Teaching and working with iPads

even the cat wants in!


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Chelsea Baum - .5 English Teacher, .5 Instructional Tech Specialist
Kaolin McEvoy - .5 Freshman World History, .5 Instructional Tech Specialist

Twitter for Educators. Not as scary as you might think! Twitter is a way to connect with educators, find your own professional development, and share out moments from your day. Use hashtags (#) to join or start a conversation. See more here:


Basic iPad Tips & Tricks


How comfortable are you?
What are you hoping to achieve?

Share your goals on the Back Channel & discover fellow goal-setters.


Don't go it alone. Help one another. Check on the person next to you. Show them something you learned. Tips and tricks are valuable tools.

Keep in mind that this tool can enhance, not replace, the traditional ways we do things. Here students share feedback on poems and projects during a Silent Gallery.


Technology in the Classroom

a model to consider

What type of coffee will you order today?
Value creation highly. For you. For your students.

Let's try it out!
Objective: Students will be able to 1. show competency in app
2. app smash among the four
3. share your work
(& discuss on BackChannel)

Once complete:
Share back to teachers
via AirDrop.
(backup: email or link)

share out about your experience

Looking for more Apps?

Next Class: Project Development.
Create something on your iPad, app smash, and share out.