Harriet Martineau


-born in Norwich, England during 1802

-active in women’s rights, fight against slavery, and religious tolerance

-had a full career of writing - journals, newspapers, her own books

*started a series of stories in 1831 called Illustrations of Political Economy to teach ordinary people about tariffs, taxes, and the state budget

Time Period

-June 12, 1802- June 27, 1876

She was influenced by slavery and wrote articles advocating anti-slavery in Monthly Repository.


-She was the first Victorian women to write about “Women Question”, woman's rights and roles in society.

She made economic and social ideas and opinions understandable to ordinary people in the development of modern thought.

  • her most known work was her book titled Society in America

She argued for justice, for enslaved people, for servants, for children and for women

Other Information

-took a trip to the Middle East in 1846 that led to her research of evolution of religions

-considered the first woman sociologist

-first to translate Auguste Comte’s work from French to English (Comte is known as the father of sociology) called The Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte

-gained national notoriety for Illustrations of Political Economy, from which she was awarded a 2 year trip to America from 1834-1836

-helped to found the genre of the school story with The Crofton Boys

-from the age of 16, Martineau was forced to deal with increasing deafness

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