Goals #1:   End Extreme poverty and hunger to reduce the number of people living on   less than a $1 a day  

"The global poverty rate at $1.25 a day fell in 2010 to less than half the 1990 rate. 700 million fewer people lived in conditions of extreme poverty in 2010 than in 1990"

In Rwanda, the use of improved seeds and farming techniques by 21,053 male and female farmers resulted in a 17% increase (to 71%) in the number of target households having at least two meals per day.In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 7,514 female and male farmers have improved their cassava crop yields from 2 tonnes/ha to 11 tonnes/ha since 2010, and a total of 9,393 farmers in DRC have increased the number of meals per day from 1-2 to 2-3. Increased crop diversification has resulted in improved diets for over 37,000 households in Nicaragua and Kenya.

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