CEP 812 (Fall 2014) Explores their PQ and CQ

In an opinion piece published in the New York Times in 2013, Thomas L. Friedman posits the idea that IQ alone will not lead us to great success. Instead, we need a healthy amount of passion quotient (PQ) and curiosity quotient (CQ) in order to lead the way for innovation and creativity. He states: "The winners won’t just be those with more I.Q. It will also be those with more P.Q. (passion quotient) and C.Q. (curiosity quotient) to leverage all the new digital tools to not just find a job, but to invent one or reinvent one, and to not just learn but to relearn for a lifetime."

As a culminating activity of Michigan State University's Educational Technology Certificate program, we challenged students to reflect on their coursework to identify their own PQ and CQ. Their task is to "make something using something" to show how they use technology to bring passion and curiosity to their students. See below to explore what they came up with!

Lindsay Gluf

Lisa Janis

Jessica Johnson

Ryan Kelly

Cassandra Kessler

Friedman, T. (2013, January 29). It’s P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as I.Q. Retrieved August 13, 2014, from http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/30/opinion/friedman-its-pq-and-cq-as-much-as-iq.html